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Our Mission and Vision

To train young people to develop Industry-aligned skills, knowledge and attitudes that are needed in the labour market or self- employment.

To be the benchmark TVET College in the delivery of quality Vocational Education and Training for sustainable development.

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Cefored applies Competence Based new teaching and learning roles of both teachers and students in the instructional processes. As trainers shift away from the traditional ‘chalk to talk’ to become a facilitator, an adviser or coach, learners need to be active and exploratory in the training programs

Our Core Values

The college is committed to the development of an inclusive life long culture and will provide all learners with:

A welcoming learner- centered environment, high quality tuition & support services, relevant advice, guidance and support.

The opportunity to achieve personal, learning & employment goals. Cefored TVET college creates opportunities for students and staff to explore, test & fulfil their potential.

Cefored TVET college fosters a resourceful and inventive culture which values achievement.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives

To provide quality teaching and learning, increase academic performance and students’ success.
To have adequate infrastructure and systems in place.
To develop partnerships and maintain good stakeholder relations
To ensure good corporate governance and effectual management.
To be a self-sustainable TVET College
To conduct research.